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During the summer, Songbird Yard Services Inc. provides lawn, landscaping and yard care services at competitive rates. Serving southwest Edmonton and surrounding areas, we know best property maintenance practices for flower beds, shrubs and trees. Whether you’re on vacation or want to enjoy the wonderful weather, Songbird can handle all your summer front and back yard needs.

Lawn care and maintenance services
Songbird Yard Services Inc. provides lawn care and maintenance over the summer. From trimming to laying down new sod, our practices help cultivate a dense high quality lawn. We understand how moisture, temperature and pests impact the root system of grass. Customers can rely on Songbird Yard Services Inc. to promptly cut grass and keep their lawn beautiful.

Summer is a great time for landscaping ideas and designs.
Songbird Yard Services Inc. approaches landscaping ideas and design with the customer in mind. We love talking to our customers, learning their unique property needs and bringing their vision to life. Learn more about our landscaping services and competitive rates this summer.

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Additional Summer Yard Care Services

Summer Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Price varies by estimate
Songbird Yard Services Inc. provides tree and shrub maintenance including pruning, trimming, removal and planting. Serving southwest Edmonton and related areas, we understand how to cultivate healthy trees and shrubs from finding the right location to plant in your yard, and increasing the life time of your plants. Customers stay with Songbird, knowing our services are reliable and costs affordable while providing the best care for their trees and shrubs.

  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Replanting
  • Shrub Pruning
  • Shrub Removal
  • Shrub Replanting

Songbird Yard Services Inc. provides tree pruning and removal services for both healthy and diseased trees.

Summer Bed Maintenance

Price varies by estimate
From perennials to annuals, Songbird Yard Services Inc. understands your flower bed maintenance needs. Customers appreciate our reliable service to keep their garden in bloom. Let Songbird keep your garden and yard beautiful this summer.
  • Layering mulch/gravel

  • Plant insertion/removal

  • Hand-weeding

This summer keep your yard in bloom with our professional lawn care and yard maintenance services.
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