Any landscape area that is aesthetically designed, contributes to the overall beauty of the residential or commercial space. A good commercial landscape design should be a combination of the functional aspect and aesthetics. The design should enhance the overall look and image of your building but the design elements should also serve as a functional purpose. Here are 7 commercial landscape design ideas to consider when you plan designing your commercial landscape area.

  1. Plan the Signages

Your entryway signage is the first element that your clients and visitors will look when they visit you. And as they say, the first impression is the last impression, which is why you need to ensure that your landscape area is inviting enough. You can also install various signages to direct your visitors to the landscape, parking, or main entrance area. Hence, it is crucial to be creative with the signages. In most cases, the signage is a permanent fixture that business owners don’t modify or replace. So plan smartly and create the best signage at the first go.

  1. Add Colors in Patterns

Keeping in mind that your property is a business space and not a residential property, you must limit the usage of colors. Using too many colors will attract the visitors, but it won’t match the seriousness of a business place. Choose limited colors, and plant annual and perennial flowers in patterns. Simply planting beds of flowers and shrubs will make the space look like a garden. Strategically, plant them in patterns so that they look well-organized.

  1. Switch to Low Maintenance Plants

As a business owner, it may become difficult for you to maintain your commercial landscape. Hence, select the low maintenance elements for your yard.

  1. Install a Focal Point

A focal point structure can be anything that stands out from a standard, usual landscape. You can install a water feature like a small waterfall, a statue complementing your business, a huge vase, or any other accessory. This will draw the attention of your visitors and increase the aesthetics of your property.

  1. Keep in Mind the Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Gardening

Think about nature as well while designing your commercial landscape. Choose LED lights that cause less harm to the environment. Switch to sustainable backyard techniques to make sure less bio wastage is done and you make the most of the natural methods of gardening and yard maintenance.

If you are looking for help or ideas for your commercial landscape design, call us today! Get in touch with our Edmonton professional landscapers and we will help you plan your commercial landscape area beyond a simple lawn bed.